April 30th 2019

libansilove 1.1.2 has been released. You can download it here.


February 11th 2019

libansilove 1.1.1 has been released. You can download it here.


January 16th 2019

Following yesterday release of libansilove 1.1.0, I'm happy to announce that ansilove 4.0.0 has finally been released. You can download it here.

This is the first release of ansilove which is actually using libansilove. This makes the codebase cleaner and much easier to maintain.


January 15th 2019

libansilove 1.1.0 has been released. You can download it here.


Happy New Year 2019.

December 7th 2018

Back in October, I received an anonymous mail tipping me about 16colo.rs, a new online ANSI gallery using Ansilove.

It's really fantastic to see Ansilove used at such a scale, and it helped uncover a few rendering issues which have been fixed since.

I strongly encourage you to visit the site, as it is quite an improvement compared to all galleries we've had in the past, and the search functionality actually works well.

November 16th 2018

We are extremely happy to announce that libansilove 1.0.0 has finally been released. You can download it here.

The code was splitted from Ansilove/C 3.0.9 in December 2017, and almost 200 commits have been made since that release, to transform the conversion code into a reusable C library.

A new version of Ansilove/C will be released soon to take advantage of the library.

April 19th 2017

Ansilove/PHP 1.12 has been released. You can download it here.

Ansilove/PHP is now deprecated, version 1.12 will be the last release.

Users are encouraged to migrate to Ansilove/C which replaces the command line converter, and to Ansilove.js for doing "on the fly" conversions on web pages. See the downloads section for more details.


April 18th 2017

After moving to its own domain last year, the site has now also been switched to HTTPS and redesigned. We are now using Stefan's excellent BlockZone font and Luciano's header logo.

Thanks to both of you for making the new version possible.

March 26th 2014

Ansilove/PHP 1.11 has been released. You can download it here.


December 27th 2013

I'm very pleased to announce that we now have an Ansilove extension for Firefox written by Andrew Herbert which leverages Ansilove.js and allows to view text-mode art directly in Firefox! It is available on the official Firefox Add-ons site here, and the source code is published on GitHub. This is especially handy for viewing text files online, on BBS or MS-DOS programs archives.

There is a video showing example usage here. Once again, thanks to Andy for making this happen!

Happy New Year 2014, a bit in advance!

November 24th 2013

Ansilove has been ported to JavaScript by Andrew Herbert, check out the Ansilove.js project page on GitHub.

Ansilove.js allows rendering ANSi art and all the artscene formats supported by Ansilove directly in the browser. On top of that, it also supports ANSi animations rendering, something I always wanted to add in the PHP version but could never achieve due to the fact the GD Library for PHP do not support outputing animated GIF files.

You can try it online by yourself, there is an online converter available and a demo gallery showing the animation capabilities.

This is definitely a fantastic release, and I would like to personally thank Andy for this porting effort.

July 17th 2013

Today marks 10 years since I started working on Ansilove! For the record, it was originally started to convert my ASCii and ANSi artworks to PNG images in order to create the gallery on my artscene and demoscene site which went live in September 2003. It later evolved to be the general purpose converter and library combo it is nowadays, and the first open source release happened in early 2006. Ten years and eleven releases later, I'm still maintaining this codebase and will definitely keep committed to this project.

If you want to keep up to date regarding Ansilove development, please star the repository on GitHub.

Lastly, I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the artists (past, present, and future) who submitted artwork for Ansilove and helped making the releases so colorful :)

Happy Summer 2013, and to the next 10 years! <3

October 8th 2012

Ansilove/PHP 1.10 has been released. You can download it here.


I'm also very pleased to mention that Ansilove has been ported to C thanks to the efforts of Stefan Vogt, Brian Cassidy, and myself. It is now fully functional and usable as a library or as a command line line converter: check out the Ansilove/C project page on GitHub.

November 22th 2011

Ansilove/PHP 1.09 has been released. You can download it here.


Since version 1.09, Ansilove is now licensed under a (more permissive) MIT-style license, please check the LICENSE file included in the source package for more information.

July 12th 2011

Ansilove/PHP 1.08 has been released. You can download it here.


On other news, Ansilove is now on GitHub as well, for those who would like to test the development version: https://github.com/fcambus/ansilove

Version 1.09 is coming in the following days, stay tuned!

May 27th 2011

Although the site has been updated a few times, I realize it has been a long time since my previous post here: almost two years have gone by...

So what's new, you may ask? The download section now has its own page, instead of the previous redirection to the sourceforge download page. I also added a "BBS Nostalgia" section including some screen captures from some old French BBSes I used to call during the second part of the nineties.

I'm now also hosting an artpacks archive which is a mirror of the Sixteen Colors archive. The synchronization is not an automated process, so I will update the archive from time to time whenever new packs or recovered lost ones are added to the repository. Once again, if you used to be involved in artscene and you happen to have old backups from that era in your possession, please help us recovering any lost gems which are still missing and nowhere to be found online. This would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

Lastly, for those interested in keeping in touch, I'm now present on Twitter.

September 25th 2009

Ansilove/PHP has reached the 5000 downloads milestone this month, which is quite an achievement considering this tool is aimed at a very specified audience. I'm very pleased to see Ansilove getting more widely used and appreciated within the community, and would like to thank everyone who contributed to this project in any way!

I'm currently working on version 1.08, which will include new and improved Amiga fonts as well as a lot of requested features and improvements.

June 16th 2009

Ansilove/PHP 1.07 has been released. You can download it here.


May 21th 2009

Ansilove/PHP 1.06 has been released. You can download it here.


May 19th 2009

A new site using Ansilove to render Ascii characters is up at https://www.ascii-codes.com. It is an ASCii table featuring 14 MS-DOS charsets with 100% accurate and pixel precise characters faithful to the original DOS fonts!

Ansilove/PHP 1.06 is also on its way and will be released pretty soon, so be sure to check site updates on a regular basis!

April 29th 2009

Ansilove/PHP 1.05 has been released. You can download it here.


April 7th 2009

Ansilove/PHP 1.04 has been released. You can download it here.


April 1st 2009

Ansilove site has been redesigned using full CSS and jQuery, and the new version is finally online! Thanks a lot to Fabts for his very precious help and his numerous tips about CSS layouts design. The links section has been updated and is now featuring a list of sites using Ansilove. The online documentation section will be updated soon, please check the README file included in the releases meanwhile.

I'm getting involved in this project again and working on a new version of the program, which will feature 9 new PC fonts and a few minor fixes. Support for PCBoard files (.PCB) is also on its way, as part of the effort to make Ansilove as complete as possible.

February 11th 2006

Ansilove/PHP 1.03 has been released. You can download it here.

MANDATORY UPGRADE! Fixes a serious content disclosure security issue!


February 9th 2006

Ansilove/PHP 1.02 has been released. You can download it here.


January 27th 2006

Ansilove/PHP 1.01 has been released. You can download it here.


January 22th 2006

Opening of the web site and initial release of Ansilove/PHP. You can download it here.