AnsiLove/C is a tool to convert ANSI and artscene-related file formats into PNG images, supporting ANSI (.ans), PCBoard (.pcb), Binary (.bin), ADF (.adf), IDF (.idf), Tundra (.tnd) and XBin (.xb) formats.

Releases are available on GitHub.

Binary packages are available for OpenBSD, NetBSD, FreeBSD, Debian, Ubuntu, and openSUSE.

AnsiLove/C is developed by Stefan Vogt, Brian Cassidy, and Frederic Cambus.


AnsiLove.js is a port of AnsiLove to the JavaScript programming language.

It enables artscene related file formats to be displayed directly on a webpage on the client-side, and also adds support for ANSImations and baud rate emulation.

The code is available on GitHub.

AnsiLove.js is developed by Andrew Herbert.

Other releases

BlockZone: a faithful, pixel-perfect recreation of the original IBM VGA font.

Deprecated versions

Ansilove/PHP is now deprecated, version 1.12 will be the last release.

Those are deprecated and old versions which are listed here for archive purposes.

Users are encouraged to migrate to AnsiLove/C which replaces the command line converter, and to AnsiLove.js for doing "on the fly" conversions on web pages.

Ansilove/PHP was developed by Frederic Cambus.

ansilove-php-1.12.tar.gz - Released on: 2017-04-19

ansilove-php-1.11.tar.gz - Released on: 2014-03-26

ansilove-php-1.10.tar.gz - Released on: 2012-10-08

ansilove-php-1.09.tar.gz - Released on: 2011-11-22

ansilove-php-1.08.tar.gz - Released on: 2011-07-12

ansilove-php-1.07.tar.gz - Released on: 2009-06-16

ansilove-php-1.06.tar.gz - Released on: 2009-05-21

ansilove-php-1.05.tar.gz - Released on: 2009-04-29

ansilove-php-1.04.tar.gz - Released on: 2009-04-07

ansilove-php-1.03.tar.gz - Released on: 2006-02-11

ansilove-php-1.02.tar.gz - Released on: 2006-02-09

ansilove-php-1.01.tar.gz - Released on: 2006-01-27

ansilove-php-1.00.tar.gz - Released on: 2006-01-22